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Fake News Article

Giraffe Escaping Buttonwood Park Zoo Is Spotted At Sandwich Town Boardwalk

Monday, April 2nd, male giraffe by the name of Theo was reported missing a little after 9am, just after Buttonwood Park Zoo in New Bedford opened for the day. Zookeeper Lucy Williams says they believe he was able to escape while they were feeding the animals their early morning breakfast. ¨I hope we find him, he really is a beautiful animal people come here to see everyday,¨ Williams told WCVB News.
Later Monday evening, around 7pm, a local from Sandwich made a trip to the boardwalk beach to enjoy the sunset. She was shocked to see a giraffe here alone, standing on the boardwalk and snapped a picture before she could grasp that this was real. The local resident living in east sandwich contacted Sandwich Police as well as animal control.
Buttonwood Park Zoo officials were contacted and informed that Theo was found twenty-six miles from his home in the Zoo. No witnesses reported anything regarding a g…

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